What is the Easter Bunny bringing this year? Here is what: Our festive EASTER BOX 2021, in collaboration with https://www.mandabrasa-brasil.com/ 


What do you get in this special box?


*Our  neck-adjustable, stain-resistant cotton aprons with deep, in a range of delicious colors -- Easter yellow, pumpkin orange, sage green, peppermint green, baba ghanoush grey. Plus, we now feature a tasty brand-new color -- AUBERGINE purple!


*Fluffy Brazilian carrot cake with Brigadeiro frosting 


Hannah and Barto added a special Brigadeiro frosting, which tastes a lot like traditional chocolate with more of a caramelly texture, as well as hagelslag for a Dutch twist.


*Delicious black currant jam from the Hoeksche Waard.


More local than that is impossible!


Price and Shipping:

Easter Box with Aprons: 40 euros

NL Shipping: 7.25 Euros

EU ZONE 1 Shipping (Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, UK): 13 Euros

PICK UP ALSO AVAILABLE from Rotterdam Charlois 31st MARCH, 1st APRIL, 2nd of APRIL.


Easter Box 2021-2