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Turkish Fusion Cooking Workshop with Tasty Talks

This workshop was our first home dining event with Tasty Talks and was the first Tasty Talks event in Rotterdam as well. It was very pleasant and we were happy to see that everyone left the night with a smile and the satisfaction of a tasty feast in their bellies.

The first course was a Turkish lentil soup called Ezogelin (Ezo the bride) from Antep. Everybody participated in stirring the soup with a wooden spoon.

We had a small crisis looking for kale in the local markets. We originally had it on the menu but it was the end of February and kale was already going out of season. While we were sorry about that, we were happy to choose another easy, simple and seasonal dish to replace kale. Our alternative was Brussels sprouts, a different cultivar of the same species, Brassica oleracea (like broccoli, cabbage and bok choy). Even though our kale adventure was stressful, the next day my dearest husband found some fresh Brussels sprouts at Markt Asterlo Zuidwijk. He bought the smallest size, which are especially tasty. Typically, in Turkey there is only one way of sauteing Brussels sprouts that most people know of. My mom suggested sauteing them with olive oil and freshly ground black pepper with lemon dressing. It did not feel very adventurous or within the theme of fusion. After evaluating a few recipes, I chose one that suggested roasting them first and then sauteing them with thyme (freshly picked from my plant at home), some pumpkin seeds and garlic. I prepared a dressing with lemon juice and tahini, which goes surprisingly well with Brussels sprouts. The lemon juice gave a tenderness while keeping the texture alive. We baked three trays of leek cake and two of them were devoured. A carrot tarator was the perfect combination with the leek cake.

Finally, we had Turkish tea with coconut macaroons. Tea is vital in Turkish culture. I made Rize Black Sea Turkish tea and blended it with a special tea from Mardin that my friend Ece had brought from there. It is a quite strong and I would not much have guessed that people would ask for a second cup but indeed they all did.

Earlier the same day, my orchid blossomed its first flower, which was a sparkling sign that our first event would go well.

Once again thank you all for your attending and making this a special day for us. We are hoping that you try our simple, easy and delicious recipes with your loved ones and spread the word! Hope to you see again soon for some more tasty global flavors.

Dank u wel!

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