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The Emerging South: Food and Culture in and around Charlois Talk at Venture Cafe

Together with my husband we talked and shared what we know about the district of the South of Rotterdam.

We made a presentation of several hidden gems like Turkish eateries, Polish groceries, a fine theater, a historical windmill where we buy all of our flour fresh-milled, and one the world's coolest little cafe bar, Koffie en Ambacht.

As culture and food enthusiasts, we think the South has a good deal to offer, and certainly has potential for positive growth and development. There is increasing development in the South; for example, in the area around Zuidplein. Things look to these newcomers to be going in a positive direction.

We wanted to focus on the Charlois section, as this is the area we know best.

From this idea, we decided to organize our first walking tour in and around Charlois next Saturday, on July 4 and second one on July 11.

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