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Summer Solstice Grand Opening Picnic

Global Seasons was honored to welcome all our participants to our seasonal grand opening on summer solstice day, June 21. We celebrated several occasions on this day, International Music day with my husband's solo guitar, the Juneteenth, International Yoga Day, International Giraffe Day. Philippe finished his playing for a birthday song to Kristina.

Our hidden gem Zuiderpark, Rotterdam, where we laid our picnic blankets on a cloudy day, was our meeting point. We took a scrumptious culinary journey with Japanese okonomiyaki pancakes, Turkish stuffed bell peppers, and an eggplant and pepper ragout dish.

These Japanese pancakes are always served with okonomi sauce. The original sauce has anchovies because of the Worcestershire sauce in the okonomi sauce. Since all our offerings are 100% vegetarian, I prepared the plant-based version of this sauce and dressed with mayonnaise and spring onions.

For our three vegan participants we prepared an alternative dish of chickpea tahini salad with avocados. It was an appetizing and atmospheric afternoon for everyone.

Looking forward to the next upcoming one, July 12.

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