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Orange Semolina Cake Cooking Workshop with Tasty Talks

Simple recipes are always the most delicious ones. Orange semolina cake is one of them. As a host of Tasty Talks, Global seasons organized this addictive light cake cooking along workshop.

Semolina is derived from Italian word, Semolino. It is a milled flour of hard wheat used mainly in pasta. In Austria, Hungary, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey and Middle East semolina is cooked with milk and sugar.

Orange Semolina Cake is a definite treat throughout your day.

This orange delight is charming, soft and bursting with orange flavour. It is just as beautiful when served simply in slices with coffee, tea or lemonade.

Manasi the founder of Tasty Talks, she also maked the cake with us. Naysa, Melissa and Kees were so impatient eating the cake right away. After they chilled the cake in the fridge they shared their plate with us. That is the most joyous part of organising these cooking workshops. Here are the plates from them:

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