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My name is Nil. I am grateful you have reached out to our website at Global Seasons!


If you love eating, cooking, exploring global cuisines, attending cooking workshops, and plan to offer some tasty bites or wholesome prepared meals for your loved ones and employees, you are in the right place. This is where the Global Seasons connection blossoms.

The Global Seasons menu is vegetarian because these foods are delicious, nutritious and offer great versatility. Cooking with plant foods is so much fun to me because they can be used to shape your recipes in so many different ways.

Global Seasons dishes are:


GLOBAL -- Getting to know different cuisines and enabling their interaction with one another is part and parcel of the Global Seasons aesthetic.

SEASONAL -- Menu rotates every season.

PLANT-BASED -- Has options for both vegetarian and vegan eating.

HEALTHY -- Loaded with seasonal and local vegetables, legumes and other wholesome ingredients.

LEKKER -- It is crucial that your taste buds be tickled since taste is the number one factor in creating a dish.

QUICK -- Simple, without a long list of ingredients.

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My Food Philosophy

My food philosophy is to eat what’s tasty when it’s at its tastiest and use ingredients that are local, available and seasonal.


I am neither vegetarian nor vegan. However, our menu at home is largely plant-based, while occasionally including fresh fish or poultry, and only rarely, small quantities of quality meat.  Be assured however that all of our offerings at Global Seasons are 100% vegetarian.

I strongly believe that consuming fresh local produce, and cooking with wholesome and unprocessed ingredients in season are healthy for us and healthy for the planet.

I eat when hungry, my meals at home not following fixed hours, particular diets or specific food trends. I am fond of carrots, beets, aubergines, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, courgettes and all the brassica vegetables like cauliflower, kale and kohlrabi. I love mung beans, cranberry beans, chickpeas and lentils.

We grow vegetables and herbs in our garden and compost every scrap we produce in the kitchen in order to regenerate soil for our garden. I detest throwing food away and love cooking and re-building new dishes from leftovers.

Quality is even more important than quantity. I love exploring open markets and food stalls. I support local groceries and shop at Afrikaanderplein, Oogstmarkt, Markthal, the Delfshaven Market and the local online farmers’ market Rechtstreex.

I invite you to have a look at our gallery and check out our seasonal menu on the website.

My life


I was born and raised in Istanbul. My grandparents have their origins in Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece and Crimea, and migrated to Istanbul in the 1950s where my parents were also born. The origins of my family are diverse and I have continued to expand that diversity in my home and culinary life.


Spending several years living in Portugal and Spain has expanded my vision and my palate enormously. I am now married to an American jazz guitarist of French and Mauritian-South African origin, broadening my influences even further. We enjoy traveling and tasting the delicacies of the world together. Last year we moved to the beautiful port city and international hub of Rotterdam.


Here I have been blessed to have many global encounters, in part through my membership at IWNG -- International Women’s Networking Group, where I made connections which were the font of inspiration that led to the establishment of Global Seasons.

Being from Istanbul where Asia meets Europe, my family’s different origins naturally influenced my relationship to food. Through traveling in Europe, living in different countries and engaging in their culinary cultures, my cooking skills have been enhanced by an even wider variety of international cuisine. I am always bringing people together around a cozy table to share food, for me the most essential part of living.

Cooking was always an inseparable part of the daily life of the family that I grew up in. My mom always gave equal responsibilities to my brother and me in the kitchen, an equality unusual in Turkey. Every Sunday we made mantı (Turkish ravioli) together. My brother and I entered our respective partnerships with cooking skills already honed, much to the advantage and delight of our spouses.

My mom sacrificed much from her life in order to educate us and give us a step up in life. There are other moms who are crucial in my life, my mom’s mother and my maternal aunt. This trio of beloved ladies inspired me with their daily cooking traditions, their practicality and their acumen in the kitchen.


I am most privileged in that I have always had these three mothers behind me; supporting, embracing and encouraging me at every turn, in whatever directions I take in life.

To me, food is a universal language, a conversation starter, a discovery of identity, and a way to get to know other cultures and engage in dialogue around an appreciative table.

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