You are here because you believe, as I do, that food is a universal language, a conversation starter, a discovery of identity, a way to get to know other cultures and engage in dialogue around an appreciative table.

Getting to know different cuisines and enabling their interaction with one another is part and parcel of the Global Seasons aesthetic.

We believe eating local and fresh foods in season contributes to a healthy planet, and healthy people.

All of our offerings are 100% vegetarian. Our plant-based menu rotates according to the season and availability of fresh products from local markets.

In Global Seasons cooking workshops you not only explore and cook global dishes but you also acquaint yourself with the background and historical context of food and cuisine.


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We offer vegetarian catering service for companies and private events -- conferences, seminars, parties, house concerts and any other special days.


Cooking Workshops

We offer cooking workshops  for groups or individuals. Workshops also for children, to come and experience the joy of global culinary exploration.



Team Building Cooking Events

We offer team building cooking workshops for companies.


Home Dining Experience

Tasty Talks Netherlands offers a unique dining experience at peoples' own homes. Global Seasons is one of the Tasty Talks host.


Catering with Music

We offer dual service, music and catering for your special day. Solo guitar by my husband, Philippe Lavoipierre with catering by Global Seasons. Choice of location, your place or ours.


 Culinary Walking Tours 

We offer culinary walking tours, specializing in Rotterdam South, for individuals or small groups. Come discover the hidden gems of this unique and globally diverse corner of this fine harbor city.

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Melissa and Kees

Nil is a very kind, creative chef who will inspire you with so many different recipes, ingredients and flavours. We enjoy her workshops every time, because of her friendly and warm personality and her patience, which makes it very easy to cook along. With her workshops, she gives true meaning to the words: 'food connects us'. Thanks to her we have seen a whole new world of cooking and really enjoy making (and eating!) her recipes. 


Nataliya Volosovych, founder of Profile Studio

Nil is a wonderful organizer and cook. She is passionate about cooking and teaching others how to do it. My whole family attended her first edition picnic in Rotterdam this June and we had a lovely time with other participants and her husband provided a fabulous mini musical performance. My kids enjoyed the atmosphere and food. And let me tell you, we were eating not a traditional kids menu - the dishes were diverse and international. Highly recommend Global Seasons for catering, workshops, picnics and any other new projects that Nil will be starting in the future!


Manasi Khanna, founder of Tasty Talks

It has been a real pleasure to know and to work with Nil. As two business owners working together, I have ended up learning so much from her. She has a very warm personality, friendly vibe and lovely aura which comforts anyone who meets or talks to her. What I love the most about her is her professional approach to work. Her  well planned. immaculate schedule and her immense knowledge of ingredients that go into food never fail to surprise me. 


I consider her a true torchbearer of Tasty Talks in Rotterdam city and I look forward to working more with her and learning more from her. 

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